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May 19 | Joseph Pearce: “A Matter of Life and Death: The Battle for a True Education”

A native of England, Joseph Pearce is Senior Editor at the Augustine Institute, Senior Fellow and Journal Editor at the Cardinal Newman Society, and Tolkien & Lewis Chair in Literary Studies at Holy Apostles College & Seminary. He is editor of the St. Austin Review (www.staustinreview.org), an international review of Catholic culture, series editor of the Ignatius Critical Editions (www.ignatiuscriticaleditions.com),… Read more →


Apr 21 | Dr. Dennis Marshall: “Blindness of Spirit: Reflections on the Spiritual Life in a Sensualist Age”

The Lumen Veritatis community welcomes Dr. Dennis Marshall, who will present “Blindness of Spirit: Reflections on the Spiritual Life in a Sensualist Age.” Dr. Dennis Marshall earned his MA and Ph.D. in Roman Catholic Systematic Theology from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently Professor of Theology at Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 1998 he has taught courses in World Religions,… Read more →


Mar 15 | Fr. Jacques Philippe: “How to Find and Communicate Peace”

Lumen Veritatis and the Resurrection Altar Society will be co-sponsors for the annual Resurrection Lenten Reflection. This year, the parish is blessed to welcome Fr. Jacques Philippe, who will give a talk entitled: “How to Find and Communicate Peace.” Please note the special date, time, and location: Thursday, March 15th, at 7:00pm, in Mercy Hall at the Church of the… Read more →


Feb 17 | Nathan Schlueter: “A Reclamation of Catholic Social Teaching”

Nathan Schlueter is Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Hillsdale College, where he teaches courses in social and political philosophy, ethical theory, Roman Catholic theology and philosophy and literature. Nathan has a B.A. in History from Miami University of Ohio (1993) and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Dallas (1999). He is the author of One Dream… Read more →


Jan 27 | Dr. Peter Luea: “Bioethics and Evangelization: a Primer”

Dr. Peter Luea joins us to provide an overview of the foundational principles of Catholic bioethics, presented from his unique perspective as both a medical practitioner and a husband and father.  Dr. Luea is a family medicine doctor in Lansing, Michigan and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital and Sparrow Hospital. He received… Read more →


Dec 16 | Jim Owens: “Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, & Human Flourishing”

Jim Owens joins us to discuss the biological, neurological, psychological, and sociological aspects of addiction, especially as it relates to the formation (and re-formation) of the human will, and the dissonance between expressed values and actual behavior. Beginning with a discussion of how the brain establishes and develops neural pathways, Mr. Owens will provide principles by which each of us… Read more →

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