A New Catholic Intellectual Lecture Series for Lansing

The Church of the Resurrection is pleased to launch a new ministerial initiative: Lumen Veritatis. Similar to the Authenticum series at Sacred Heart in Grand Rapids, and the Institute of Catholic Culture in Washington, DC, Lumen Veritatis seeks to develop and promote a robust intellectual community in the greater Lansing area by providing rich and diverse opportunities in parishes, schools and the wider public square to investigate and dialogue with the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The Lumen Veritatis lecture series is sponsored by the Church of the Resurrection and hosted at Lansing Catholic High School. Lectures take place (mostly) on the 3rd Saturdays of the month, with refreshments beginning at 7:00 p.m.

The basic format of the evening will consist of gathering at 7:00pm to enjoy appetizers and libations. The formal presentation will follow, beginning around 7:30 and lasting between 45-60 minutes, with additional time afterward for Q&A. The evening will wrap up around9:00 with post-talk fellowship.

The aim of LV is to invite speakers whose insights touch upon a wide variety of topics from a spectrum of academic disciplines, including but not limited to: ancient & modern philosophy, theology, literature, art, architecture, music, poetry, civics, and history.

In time, Lumen Veritatis hopes to offer ongoing intellectual formation and training for parents, teachers, catechists, and all of those involved in the cultivation of the intellect in the home, at the parish, in schools, and in the public square.

Speakers for the 2016-2017 season include: Dr. Denis McNamara, Dr. David Whalen, Dr. Daniel Page, Dr. John Pinheiro, Dr. David Schlinder, and Dr. Anthony Esolen.

Please join us for our inaugural lecture on Nov. 17th. Dr. Denis McNamara will present a lecture entitled “Shadow, Image, Reality: The Church Building as a Sacrament of Heaven”.

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